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Rinventing Nanodroplets

for Enhanced Drug Delivery

LDS is late-stage drug delivery company

Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) develops exceptional new molecular engineered nano-structures for enhanced and controlled delivery of soluble and insoluble active molecules. We have developed and commercialized our nano-vehicles for specific applications with various active molecules to many international companies, including among the top five-ranked companies in the industry. We offer licensing agreements, partnerships, and collaborations for our delivery solutions.

Our areas of activity

LDS’s delivery technology can be applied in many health-care markets including: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. We continue to expand our innovative portfolio and lead the ‘delivery world’ by adopting unique and tailored platform technology for additional generic and novel active molecules.

Tailor-made nano-droplets for delivery of active molecules

Our nano-domains are mono-dispersed, self-assembled, thermodynamically stable unique complexes, with extensive shelf life, based on approved, non-toxic, and safe excipients. Each nano-domain is modeled, designed, and customized for a specific small or large, soluble or non-soluble molecule, aimed to improve the performance as well as the physical, chemical, and microbiological stability of the formulation. The platform compositions are cost-effective, easy to manufacture, and customized to the required ‘delivery needs’ (faster, slower, or ‘on-demand’ delivery).

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Wide range of solutions for multiple applications

LDS’s molecularly engineered nano-domains are a platform technology designed for numerous applications, various dosages, and different administration routes.


Nano-structures from LDS protect the active molecules, via oral uptake, from the harsh gastrointestinal (GI) track’s environmental conditions and enhance their transport to the bloodstream.


LDS unique nano-liquid domains offer high surface contact area with the eye-epithelium, with increased stability to pH and electrolytes of the tear-film, facilitating enhanced permeation to the interior, or posterior eye segments.


A new concept for topical delivery, LDS nano-structures designed as creams, gels, and films offer better transport of insoluble active molecules across the skin layers.


LDS liquid nano-domains are designed to replace traditional emulsion and suspension formulations used for parenteral applications, with improved chemical, physical, and microbiological stability, resulting in fewer side effects.

Prof. Nissim Garti

Founder and CEO

Our advanced and revolutionary concepts, derived from theoretical calculations and deep understanding of colloidal science, allow us to design liquid molecular nano-architectures for increased stability and enhanced performance of various active molecules and applications for the pharma and health-care industries.

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